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Downloadable PDFs

Explore my collection of personal and business planners—free for a limited time! By downloading any of these PDFs, you'll also become a valued member of my newsletter community, where I'll keep you inspired with planning tips, creative ideas, and exclusive updates.


My Daily Planner

Are you looking for the best way to plan your day and stay organized? If you're like me, traditional planners never lasted long. (Who needs all that space for breaking down each 12-hour day, especially when you already use Google Calendar? It's also hard to find erasable pens.) On the other hand, plain notebooks have too much space and not enough structure.


Since I enjoy journaling and I was a professional organizer for 10 years, I've created a daily planner that combines personal growth with planning. After a transformative three-year journey, I've designed this daily planner to bring together all my experiences and insights.

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Idea Brain Dump

Do you ever have that nagging feeling or itch inside you that just won't go away until you scratch it? Well, it's time to get that thought out of your system! This worksheet is designed to help you put your thoughts into action.


Whether it's a personal change like going back to school or a professional change like introducing a new offering for your business, it's important to consider both the practical details and the emotional aspects behind your idea. This worksheet will help you organize both. 

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Business Starter Sheet

Do you have a business idea and...that's about it? No worries! This worksheet is here to help you dive a little deeper and take at least one next step to get your potential business from just a thought to reality.


It's important to answer the questions in order, as each thought builds upon the previous one. Even if you eventually create a more detailed business plan, don't toss this worksheet aside. Sometimes, it's the simplest things that can guide us back when we feel lost.

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