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an organized path to your vision of success and growth

When it comes to life changes, taking the first step is usually the hardest—and that's what I'm here for.

Through a one-time personal consulting session, you'll experience a safe and focused space in which I carefully listen to your goals, understand your story, and synthesize the near future to help you succeed in your personal and professional pursuits.

You'll receive a Project Launcher Playbookwith custom-tailored action plans based on your life story, wants, needs, habits, and goals.


What projects can I help you with?

"I want to grow in my personal life!"

Have you ever wanted to go back to school but didn't know where to start? Maybe you've thought about moving to a new place but feel scared?

I can help! I can also teach you how to
use your time more efficiently every day so you can know what to do or what to move around. With me, you'll learn to build the habits you need for success.

"I need a change in my professional life!"

Are you an entrepreneur at heart who has a business idea but doesn’t know where to start? Or are you unhappy in your current industry and want to explore something else?

Whether your business needs a revamp or you're starting fresh, my program can help. You'll no longer feel overwhelmed with all the to-dos. I'll help you tackle big projects by providing manageable action plans.

"I need a plan for my next project!"

When you have life-changing ideas, it's normal to feel like you don’t know where to start and need someone to give you that push.

My straightforward feedback and planning mastery will help you feel organized and in control. Whether you're planning a big event or publishing a book, I can guide you every step of the way.

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Most of all, because it will save you precious time.

Efficiency and productivity are at the core of my methodology. Actually, at the core of my entire being! I understand that your time is valuable, which is why I do not offer your typical long-term coaching commitment. 


Instead, I provide tailored, straightforward, no-muss-no-fuss action plans that give you the answers and steps you need to move forward. 


With me, you'll experience tangible progress from the very beginning, propelling you toward your desired outcomes.


Project Launcher Playbook™ with 1:1 Consulting Sessions

You know what you want to do. I will tell you how to get closer to getting it done. 


The Project Launcher Playbook™ is designed to propel you into action. You’ll no longer sit there stuck and confused or frustrated about what to do next.


This personalized playbook is for you to review and follow at your own pace. It includes actionable steps and strategies for kickstarting your project or life change, delivering immediate results in a relatively short time frame.

We’ll meet for a total of 3 sessions so we can:

  • Get to know each other better.

  • Ask questions to identify our learning and working styles.

  • Learn about your objective and any roadblocks.

  • Provide you with a plan to a clear path forward.


Discovery Call

We'll get to know each other, discuss your objectives, and explore how my program can best support you on your journey to growth and change. Duration: 15 minutes


Learning Session

This session is dedicated to deep listening and learning, where we create a safe space for you to share your thoughts, experiences, and challenges, allowing us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique situation. Duration: 75 minutes


Personalized Playbook

After working behind the scenes to prepare your project launch strategy, I'll send you a personalized playbook that outlines actionable steps tailored to your goals, helping you navigate obstacles and providing a roadmap for your journey toward positive change.
Duration: Self-Paced


Growth Check-In

This check-in allows us to evaluate your progress, celebrate achievements, and make any necessary adjustments to keep you on track, ensuring that you continue moving toward your desired outcomes. Duration: 30 minutes

  • Is this a life coaching program?
    No, this is not a life coaching program. While coaching focuses on empowering individuals to discover their own solutions, the Project Launcher Playbook™ provides actionable steps and detailed strategies that allow you to use your strengths and skills to achieve growth. Coaching tends to focus on: ​ Inner work and healing. Encouragement and motivation. Identifying your strengths and areas for improvement. Long-term commitments of 12 weeks or more. ​ Consulting tends to focus on: ​ External work and execution. As-needed help to facilitate transitions. Effective decision-making. Providing objective professional and personal advice based on existing knowledge and experience. You'll receive expert guidance to help you navigate specific challenges and make the changes you desire. This is different from life coaching which primarily emphasizes self-discovery.
  • Who is this for?
    Do you find yourself in the middle, caught between where you are now and where you want to be? Maybe you can even taste success, feeling like you're "so close" to achieving your goals but need that extra push. If these statements resonate with you, the Project Launcher Playbook™ can be a great fit. Whether you're seeking personal growth, career advancement, or a more fulfilling life, this program offers the straightforward clarity, organized structure, and concise guidance needed to navigate your journey with confidence.
  • Will this work in my field?
    No matter your industry, I am equipped with the knowledge and experience to understand your unique challenges. My diverse, multi-cultural background ensures that my guidance is relevant and valuable, regardless of your specific field.
  • How long will this take?
    Unlike coaching programs that require weeks of commitment, the Project Launcher Playbook™ offers flexibility. It consists of approximately five hours' worth of consultation, which can be completed at your own pace. The program is time-sensitive, meaning it is designed to provide maximum impact within a concise timeframe. The actual duration will depend on your individual needs and progress. I will customize the playbook to address your specific goals and support you throughout the process, ensuring you receive valuable guidance in a manageable timeframe.

Let's Get Started

Ready to take the next, smallest step towards reaching your goal?

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