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Hi, I'm Jiliane

Like "Jillian" but spelled funny, because my mother wanted to make my life difficult. Joke. Kind of. But it works, because I am a “Jil of all trades,” if you will.

I'm a project-based life consultant, podcast host, and visual artist.


But, what does that all mean?


My purpose is to use my JesusAllahBuddahWhoever-given personality and professional skill set to help other people take action, grow, and feel.

Through life consulting, I help people who have done the inner-work navigate the outer-work needed to embrace new chapters in their lives, so they can grow and change into the person they want to be.


Through podcasting, I facilitate fun, honest, raw conversations with amazing human beings on topics around change, culture, growth, and life experiences that are aimed to facilitate learning. There are gem-drops in everyday conversations, and I want to stay curious, capture, and share them.

Last, but certainly not least, my art is a journey into the depths of my subconscious. It’s how I do my inner work so that I can be as present as possible with myself and therefore serve my greater purpose and community better.


These aspects of me may not seem aligned, but they are because humans are multifaceted and these avenues are how I live my truth and I want for everyone to be able to live theirs too. 

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